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Het spreekt uiteraard voor zich dat je vering minstens jaarlijks behoefte heeft aan wat liefde en tederheid indien je wil dat deze feilloos en optimaal blijft functioneren. Ook een eventuele garantieafhandeling van je vork kunnen we enkel en alleen garanderen indien er netjes aan de voorgeschreven onderhoudsintervals voldaan werd.

Service intervals


Clean exterior with mild soap and water only, then wipe dry with a soft towel.

Check sag and damper settings. Inspect your product for visual damage and function of all controls.

Full fork service (full internal/external inspection, damper rebuild, air spring rebuild, bath oil and wiper replacement) *

Full shock service (full internal/external inspection, damper rebuild, air seal replacement for air shocks) *


Every ride




Every 125 hours/yearly (whichever comes first) *


Every 125 hours/yearly (whichever comes first) *

*For those who ride lift-accessed DH, Park, or Extreme Freeride or in extremely wet/muddy or dry/dusty environmental conditions where trail debris is sprayed onto the fork or shock while on the trail, FOX encourages riders to perform maintenance earlier than recommended above as needed. If you hear, see, or feel something unusual, stop riding immediately and contact a FOX Authorized Service Center for proper servicing.

Pro Tip: To maintain a level of performance achieved by Factory Pro Riders, more frequent maintenance than suggested above can be performed, if desired.

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