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Lighter than most featherweight XC forks, yet stiffer and tougher than most all-mountain forks, the Lefty excels at everything from World Cup XC races to aggressive trail rides.

The 100mm Lefty works in perfect harmony with the Scalpel and the F-Si to create the ultimate podium grabbing package. Add a bit more travel and the Lefty is also the perfect front-end for amazing trail bikes.

To complement the standard Lefty 2.0, there’s also the Oliver, Supermax & Olaf Lefties and the venerable Fatty, found on many an e-bike in the Cannondale lineup.

Service intervals

Service item
Check for damage
Pre & post ride
Check for tightening torques
First ride / Every 4-5 rides
Manual Reset
50 Riding hours
Telescope lubrification
100 Riding hours or every year (whichever comes first)
Air spring service & damping cartridge inspection
100 Riding hours or every year (whichever comes first)
Full service : telescope rebuild + damper service
200 Riding hours or every 2 years (whichever comes first)

RACING – If you race with your LEFTY, we recommend to perform the items listed above twice as often. (i.e. 50 Hours becomes 25).

Service formulier Cannondale